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Photography has become a big part of my life, helps me to step away for a brief moment in time from the everyday hustle and bustle of life.  I never go far without my cell phone and camera by my side.   Photography allows me to be creative, express myself, and in my posters helps to bring my words to life.  Here, on this page you will see in some of my posts, photos from my daily walks along the beautiful shores of Lake Ontario, the majestic Niagara Escarpment and very picturesque Bruce Trail, some of the most beautiful waterfalls from the city where I live, also known as the waterfall capital of the world, Hamilton, located in Ontario, Canada.  I have traveled to many places around the globe, but I have a passion for this area of the world.  You will find in my posters images that move me.

Thoughts, Words and More

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"A Guiding Light"
"I am here for you"
Do it with JOY
Seeds of FAITH
Best Intentions
The journey into FOREVER
TRUST Yourself
The Hard Heart
Seize The Day
Deuteronomy 4:9
God and Spirit walk hand in hand
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How Blessed Are You?
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Anointed with JOY
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Everything Beautiful has a TIME
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Failure and TRUST
GOD heals all wounds
Words of PEACE
Speak to GOD in PRAYER
Opportunity and BLESSING
Abundant Blessings 
Where is your life going?
KINDNESS matters
See LIFE in everything
 HELP one another
There really is a place called THE VILLAGE OF HOPE
BELIEVE GOD will give you the strength
Food for your SOUL
The BEST is yet to come

How very BLESSED are you

Walking each other HOME
Life Lesson LEARNED
The ESSENCE that is you
R.I.P. Toni Morrison
Abundance of Blessings
*SUN*DAY Blessings
Have Courage and Strength
Psalm 119:105
Self Love

Trust and Believe

Your Light Shines

Every Season Has A Reason

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To Change One’s Thoughts Is To Change One’s Life


Writings from my heart

I Am A Proud Member of The Royal Society (

December 9th, 2015 and December 24th, 2015 two dates I shall never forget. These two dates changed my life in such a way that leave me oh so very grateful. These dates are the ones I had "Aha!" moments that truly changed my life.

On December 9th, 2015 I remember putting up my tiny little Christmas Tree, a few decorations. I love the true essence and meaning of Christmas, just not the commercial, materialistic side of it all. So, when finished and after dinner, I went to my laptop that night, and this night, to go look at a page on Facebook that a friend had suggested called Simple Reminders. I honestly knew nothing about SR at that point. A live broadcast came on the page at that moment from Central Park in New York from John Lennon’s sacred place, there walking were two people who introduced themselves as Bryant McGill and Jenni Young McGill. I recall I got rather emotional as I watched and heard a singer, singing IMAGINE in the background. I had visited this very place in New York and for someone as old as me who remembers growing up in the times of John Lennon, when you are there your life flashes in front of your eyes, all the Beatles music filters through your mind as you walk through Strawberry Fields, you imagine and picture yourself walking through Strawberry Fields Forever, or you are on that Yellow Brick Road following the famous Beatles, or with them on that famous Yellow Submarine. Then the world stops, you freeze for a moment in time as you remember where you were that moment you heard that John Lennon had been shot and he was dead. The tears flow, you cannot help that, and I am sure many can relate to what I am saying. And there was Bryant crying along and Jenni consoling him. I was from that second drawn to find out who Bryant and Jenni were, and what they were all about. I continued watching and listening what they had to say. I loved this broadcast so much I remember the next day watching again and over many times since. I spent days then going through the Simple Reminders Page on Facebook looking at quotes and having my heart and soul awakened with messages that gave me hope, peace in my heart that was kind of dying day by day for years, as well food for my soul with such words of love and enlightenment. I signed up for their daily reminders and looked forward to getting up each day to read something that would make my day.

The Royal Society ( was mentioned in the broadcast and I was curious, so I wrote that down to check it out later and I did but I hesitated to join the Royal Society, perhaps because I was not one that had to belong in groups of any type.
Then on December 24th, 2015 words that held an Epiphany for me, I was all alone and felt very down and sad as I already knew I would be. Yes, I have one like yours, that none existent crystal ball that tells me my future. I powered up my laptop, went to Simple Reminders to get a dose of “Love”. Once again, looking very dapper, there they were, Bryant and Jenni, doing a broadcast. I was surprised on Christmas Eve evening, to see them, yet there they were, reaching out to people just like me. After watching this live stream, I got a gift of ROYALTY, the Ultimate Christmas Gift. I got the message that night and nights ahead that I was so wasting my life, wasting the God-given talents I had within that were just sitting there waiting for me to get reacquainted with. I so needed to get that slap of reality from these Broadcasts. I can honestly say that was the greatest gift of all, those December Broadcasts. You see, I had forgotten about me, who I was, I needed a trip down memory lane to see where it was that I had failed, who had failed me and how I had got to that point in my life, that December 2015. I had forgotten how to honor myself, I was reminded that even at my age I had so much left, to give of myself, my talents, my gifts, and that I indeed did have time, still to find and live that purpose of my true mission in this lifetime. I needed this message, and I have since shared this Broadcast hoping that someone out there alone in the world like I was at that time, would get out of this broadcast just what I did, and that would be, the message of hope, a reminder of how life can be, never to give up, and that one can still dream at any age.
After joining the Royal Society, I begin to watch videos of people, I just kept watching everyday people just like you and me from around the world sharing their life stories, it was motivating, moving, they were giving hope and support to each other. It was magic to hear the joys, their triumphs, I remembered my own, I related to their pain, sorrows. I laughed and cried and then I began to see my own life, I identified with them and found what was buried for years within me. I slowly started to pick up the courage to make a video myself and let this group of nonjudgmental, supportive people hear my story. It felt right, and I felt very safe. I began to respond to people who I identified with, I started to support others within this group. I made a rich, priceless rewarding contact with people who understood me and I them. I learned and still learn lessons from them that are so important in life.

Slowly, I started to write again, use my artistic creative talents, my God-given gifts again. People started to be interested in what I had to share with the world with my thoughts, in my own words. I began a public page on Facebook that grew, and I slowly created a presence on Social Media that gave me a purpose in life that I had been looking for, to share positive, inspiration and motivation with the world in my own unique way. It is the most rewarding satisfying thing I have ever done in my life.

I have now, something that I never thought I would see again in this life and that is a purpose, one that gives me peace and joy. My heart is open for the first time in decades. I have a circle of love that surrounds me by people who were complete strangers to me just three years ago and yet I feel the closest to these people, and the funny thing is it does not matter that we have not met in person, we have met from a much deeper place, the SOUL. This Royal Family, Society, this is a Tribe of likeminded individuals that touch your Soul and they are my Royal Soul Tribe. Young men and women who call me Mom, some call me Auntie, most call me Sister, and are there to reach out with support any time of the day or night. I don’t just say that for no reason, I have reached out and they have been there for real, always with kind words of support and that encouragement to help me get through whatever the situation was and likewise I have been there for them because I know what it is to recognize with an open heart the need of others, that gift comes back with being ROYAL, that compassion, empathy and so much more for those you care for, respect and love unconditionally. The Royal Society is more than a group of people, it is a family unit, a family like no other you will find anywhere. We come from different walks of life, different countries, religious and political views, and the greatest thing of all is that no one cares about that, we care about each other as citizens of the world and with a common goal to bring about change in this world, change about the way we see each other, feel about each other and to care and love one another.
So, perhaps you are ready for change, ready to find out what is bringing you down and stopping you from living the life you have been deprived of to this day, maybe you need to be inspired and motivated by people who understand you like no one else will, then this is an open invitation to come to join us at The Royal Society ( on Facebook. I do not know if I would ever want to stop singing the praises of the Royal Society and the founders Bryant McGill and Jenni Young McGill because I BELIEVE they have a dream greater than I could imagine that includes us all, everywhere and anywhere on this planet.

The Royal Society (

Thank you to SImple Reminders, McGill Media for creating this poster from my words.


You wrap us up in a blanket of love with your thoughts and words Maria K.  I have missed your posts of late so I am so happy to have found this site.

I have been a follower of Maria's writings and posts for several years.  She has a wonderful way of sharing her words in her posters and articles.  I look forward to her posts daily.  

Coming here feels like coming home. Missed your posts Maria on Facebook it is a shame what happened to your page but great to see you on Instagram and other Social Media Pages I am try ing to keep up with them all.  I found your articles so easy to read on McGill Media, you don't have us looking up those BIG WORDS in a dictionary.   Great Job love your web page.

Mark W.

Chuck and I thought you dropped of the face of the earth, we missed your posts over there on Facebook.  Wonderful job here Maria and we will continue to support you.  Miss your spiritual writings most of all they are so uplifting hope to see those here soon

Photo of the day  ©MMB Photography & Maria K

Enjoying Natures Gifts of snow and winter but missing your presence

Around the shores of Lake Ontario Winter 2018


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